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22nd July 2013

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I was making a playlist in Itunes when I listen to a song that reminds me a lot about my times in Junior High, the great thing about it was that i could actually remember where I am, with whom and what I was doing while I’m listening to this song back then, more than 20 years ago.

Pictures may freeze memories into something that more real and visual, but for me, it’s music, because music kept the feeling.

Currently listening to Good Enough by Dodgy (1996)

27th March 2013

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How time fly by so fast and how i almost forgot about this place. This used to be a great place to be. How i miss it…

25th December 2012



More feast and less family gathering, please. I love my family but they can be very annoying sometimes. Have a great Christmas, people!

8th August 2012

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27th July 2012


In those brief moments of freedom that came your way, you were always looking for a way to not be free, to belong totally to someone.
— Tony Parsons