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26th March 2012

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The Raid

I’ve been waiting a long time to watch this movie, I’ve heard the buzz about how great this movie is since last year and i missed the first screening in INAFF 2011 which caused me pissed that whole day. Finally i watched it last weekend, the eager me standing in the ticket line since 2pm and got tickets for the 7pm slot. It’s already half full so i didn’t really get the best seat but whatever, i just wanted to watch it right now, that’s what i keep thinking and if it’s that good you bet I’ll watch it again.

I know that it’s an action movie, since i watched the trailer like too many times, but i didn’t expected it to be that fast and brutal. Five minutes the movie starts i was in awe watching the drug lord villain slaughtering a few thugs after that i got a few minutes to breathe before the SWAT team goes inside the apartment building and then the actions just got escalated from there, it’s no more a mission to capture a villain but it became a mission to survive and stay alive. There’s so many amazing fighting scenes in this movie and some very clever tricks from the bad guys and the SWAT team to try to take each other down, the kind of scenes that would make you hold your breath the way the SWAT team does. I’m trying not to give spoiler here because i think not knowing what would happen in every scene in this movie is the best feeling, your reaction is the thing that makes this movie awesome.

Everyone knows the hero in this movie is Iko Uwais as Rama, the rookie cop, but i have to give a huge salute and bow to Joe Taslim as Sersan Jaka, Yayan Ruhian as Mad Dog and Ray Sahetapi as Tama. I like Sersan Jaka because i can feel the pressure of being the team leader, watching your men killed brutally, one by one and losing control of what happened. As for Mad Dog, this guy loves to kill, doesn’t like guns and he’s literally the real meaning of Die Hard, John Mclane would kill himself trying to beat Mad Dog. The drug lord villain, Tama, first appear in the screen eating noddles, wore sarong with gun in his hands, that is Indonesian bad ass, right there. No questions ask.

I don’t review a movie technically, i review a movie the way i feel when i watch it and The Raid is top notch, you’ll be getting fast pace adrenaline rush and a gory sights. What more could you ask for from an action movie.

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